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“In establishing Executive Financial Partners, I have been fortunate enough to create the company culture I longed to have throughout my career. I hope to share that with you, and help you to fulfill dreams.”

- Sandy

The power of opportunity

If your business didn’t matter to us we wouldn’t be here.

We built EFP specifically to help small businesses grow and thrive. There’s a wide world of opportunity waiting for you, and we help you get there with the right financial tools, strategies and guidance.

The strength of relationships

Our relationships are real, and so is our investment in the things that matter most to you.

Having a financial advisor or consultant who truly gets you, who understands where you’re headed and why you want to get there makes all the difference in your access to resources and funding. Great partnerships can close the distance to your dreams, and that’s why we build them with you.

The depth of trust

Trust is not a commodity. We believe it’s the source of your progress.

When you can trust that your financial life is in good order, you can focus on transforming your ideas into actions, and developing those actions into profits. You can depend on our professionalism, responsiveness and dedication to excellence to power that trust.


Sandy Petty







A seasoned leader with decades of experience working across global industries and finance, Sandy leverages her executive experience to make dramatic and positive differences in the companies she’s served, including one on the Fortune 100.

A trusted advisor to company presidents, especially those in highly regulated industries, she is highly skilled in risk management, audit functions and managing liabilities, as well as process improvement, business integrations, internal controls, and mergers and acquisitions.

Her regulatory background reaches beyond our borders; she led the external audit activity for 13 entities under US GAAP rules, IFRS, and Mexican GAAP principles.

Areas of Expertise

Her expertise in building financial infrastructures and high-performing teams translates into increased efficiency and productivity, better cost controls, and more economic resilience.

To get to know what drives and inspires Sandy, read In Her Own Words.


Sandy Petty — In Her Own Words

One of the things I have come to really appreciate about growing up in Aruba is its sense of community. Maybe that’s because of its size, at just 19.6 miles by 6 miles. But what it lacks geographically, it tilts the scales with a flourishing, vibrant, and warm culture. I’ve always felt a deep connection to this beautiful island and its people.

This wonderful experience instilled within me a sense of family; a sense that I mattered and a sense that I belonged. Now as an adult, the community is still very important to me. At the ripe old age of 16, the first in my family to go to college, I boarded a plane to the “Big Apple;” a culture very different from the one I became accustomed to, ready to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming an accountant.

A few years later, after earning a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting and becoming a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority at Hofstra University, I went on to achieve a Master of Business Administration in Finance from St. John’s University and graduated summa cum laude.

Big Four accounting experience and working on Wall Street are among some of my treasured accomplishments. However, one of the proudest and humbling moments of my career was to return home to the community which I hold so dear, to serve as Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) for the very company my mother would secure a loan to finance my luggage to board my first flight off to college.

I fully understand the significance of community and how it fostered, supported, and cultivated a little girl’s dreams into reality. In establishing Executive Financial Partners, I have been fortunate enough to create the company culture I longed to have throughout my career. I hope to share that with you, and help you to fulfill your dreams.

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